Why do you need an attorney in immigration cases?

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Whether you have entered the U.S. legally, and like to adjust your status while in U.S. legally, or whether you have entered U.S. on a work visa, or immigrant visa, and like to upgrade your status, or whether you have entered legally, and overstayed your visa, or whether you have entered U.S. illegally, you need an attorney alongside every step of the process.  There are many very minute, small, and tricky areas of the immigration system, that one can get trapped into for a long time.  Answering one wrong answer on the forms, missing the fill out a certain part, or forgetting about certain facts when asked by an immigration officer, are examples of what can go wrong.

At C.A.R.E. Law Group, we want you to succeed.  We want you to adjust your status, to gain lawful presence, to be able to vote and be an upstanding citizen; able to work and contribute.

How are immigration proceedings conducted?

Immigration proceedings look much like a criminal trial, but the process does not come with the same constitutional protections. Immigrants are not entitled to a court-appointed defense attorney. Immigration Judges are not part of the judicial branch. They are attorneys in the Department of Justice.  Immigration proceedings do not have a jury panel, and the judge is the one who is deciding on facts, admissibility of evidence, and applicable punishment.